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Firm Overview

Law Offices of Venessa Masterson & Associates is a top rated law firm based in Lowell, Massachusetts. The firm is aggressive in representing its clients and works tirelessly to help each client understand and achieve their goals. The firm provides counsel to clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusett Continental and takes pride in the delivery of top-notch service to each and every client. The firm adheres to the principle that the client is entitled to zealous, professional, and efficient advocacy. And because our clients best interest is our #1 priority, we are constantly searching for new and creative solutions uniquely tailored to a particular client’s needs.


The personalized attention that our clients receive is the staple of our practice and we are proud of our reputation for reliability and flexibility developed from years of practice. Strong emphasis is placed on responsiveness to client communications and we approach each case with an experienced and thoughtful understanding of both the law and our client’s rights and needs. Our dedicated team of professionals delivers direct and timely communication to each client throughout the entire course of representation. Every detail in each case is examined, and creative solutions to legal problems are thoroughly explored to make sure that every possible avenue to success is left open.

 Venessa M. Masterson, Esq.

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