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What Types Of Immigration Cases Does Your Firm Typically Handle?

Our firm handles mostly family-based immigration. This essentially involves family related petitions and removal proceedings. Family based petitions are typically people looking to bring their loved ones into the country or file adjustment of status for family members, as well as people looking to renew their green cards or file for their citizenship.

What Factors Does USCIS Consider In Granting An Individual Immigration Status?

This varies and depends on the types of benefits sought. In matters involving a spousal application or a fiancé visa, immigration is looking to make sure that the relationship is bona fide and not entered into for purposes of circumventing immigration laws, meaning the relationship is not solely for purposes of obtaining a green card, but it is a genuine relationship. With regard to Citizenship applications, they look, amongst other things, to make sure that the applicant has good moral character within the five years prior to filing. And with regard to adjustment of status, they look to make sure amongst other things, that the applicant has not engaged in any crime involving moral turpitude, which can prevent approval or interfere with approval of the petition. Moral turpitude, essentially means that you have not engaged in any act that can be interpreted as a crime by community standards.

What Is The Difference Between An Approved Visa, A Green Card And Becoming A US Citizen?

An approved visa is issued by the US consulate to people coming into the United States with either an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa.

An immigrant visa is issued to qualified applicants and allows them to work and live permanently in the United States. A non-immigrant visa is a visa that allows a temporary visit to the United States.

A green card grants permanent residency to whomever it is issued to, and it allows them to work and reside permanently in the US.

With regard to obtaining US citizenship, there are different categories that can apply to various cases. There is a wide range of circumstances depending on your current status. A child can become an automatic citizen if at the time of their birth, one or both parents are US citizen. If after their birth and before turning 18yrs of age, one or both parents becomes a citizen, they may automatically be a citizen even if they are now passed the age of 18.

If an adult is filing and does not meet the above criteria, they may not be eligible to file for citizenship until 90 days before their 5-year anniversary of obtaining their green card. If a person is married to a US citizen for at least three years from the date they became a green card holder, they may be eligible to file for citizenship. There are exceptions of course and the advice of an experienced immigration attorney may be necessary in helping you understand your eligibility category.

What Steps Should Someone Take To Begin The Immigration Process?

There is a wide range of immigrations benefits and categories available and the steps to begin any immigration process will depend on your current circumstances, status and qualifications at the time of filing. For example, if you enter the country with or without a visa, and marry an American citizen, you may be able to adjust your status through an alien petition in the US.

If you are employed by a US employer, the employer may be able to assist you with filing for adjustment of status in order to obtain permanent residency otherwise known as a green card.

Immigration laws can be tedious and complex due to the broad range of categories involved.

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